Welcome to the official website of the Hellenic Companion Animal Veterinary Society (HCAVS).

The Society was established in the beginning of 2010, with the purpose to provide high level of continuing postgraduate education (CPGE), to the Greek Veterinarians dealing with Companion Animal Medicine (CAM).

Since April 2013, HCAVS has beenadministrated by the second seven-member elected Board of its Directors.

Our registered members exceeded the 700 and there is a constantly increasing rhythm of new members’ registration.

Our office is located in Athens at 64 Louizis Riankour street (Apollo Tower, Ambelokipoi) and is open every Monday-Friday 10.30-18.30.


  • Companion Animal Veterinary FORUM

It is organized on annual basis and constitutes the main scientific event of the Company. Already, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Forums have been successfully held in Athens (2010 and 2012) and in Thessaloniki (2011, 2013 & 2014).
The preparation of the 6th Forum has started and it will be held 13-15 March 2015 in Athens.

  • Regional Courses (Scientific Two-Day Courses)

They are organized on annual basis, in various cities of Greece (except for Athens and Thessaloniki). The organization of high-quality scientific events out of the center, responds to a great need of the colleagues practicing CAM in the province. These courses come to cover the absence of great conference events in the Greek province, granting the opportunity to all colleagues to be informed without having to travel.
We pick current issues that trouble the Companion Animal Veterinarian (CAV)every day, aiming to his updating, on the last scientific data and extensively the management of cases in the scientifically most contemporary way.
In this context it was held in 2012, a two-day Cardiology course in 5 Greek cities (Rhodes, Volos, Nafplion, Ioannina and Kavala), in 2013 a two-day Ophthalmology course in 5 cities (Chania, Nafplion, Mytilene, Xanthe and Karditsa).

  • Scientific Day Conferences

HCAVS, except for the FORUM and the Regional Courses, also organizes day conferences. We have already held the Horse Internal Pathology Day Conference in Athens (October 12th, 2013), at the CROWNE PLAZA Athens City Centre Hotel.

  • Publication of the Scientific Journal "Companion Animal Medicine"

The Society publishes a scientific journal entitled "Companion Animal Medicine". The purpose is the continuing education and updating of the CAV. It disposes a scientific critical committee while the two first issues were sent to all Greek Veterinarians, either HCAVS members or not, in an effort by us to get them to know our journal. The journal is bilingual (published in Greek and English).
The issues that will follow will be sent only to members of the Society without any extra charge (being included in the members’ benefits) while, the members who wish, may also have access via our renewed website.
We hope that the veterinary world willactively support the journal, by sending papers to be published. It is our pleasure to have piles of papers from all veterinarians dealing with CAM (freelancers, academic staff, public officers, military officers etc.). Pluralism is missing from our sector and our aim is to achieve it.

Our website - 

Our new website reflects our permanent effort for renewal. It was totally designed from the beginning, so as to be friendly to all computer, tablet and smartphone users.
Our intention is, through our new website, our members to be directly informed about the HCAVS activities and easily conduct,through their computer, tablet or smartphone, a series of works which, until recently, had to be made in a more time consuming way.

We added new features, such as on-line:

  • Registration or/and renewal of a member subscription
  • Management of the members’ personal data by the members themselves
  • Registration in the scientific events of the Society
  • Surfing the pages of our scientific journal

At the same time we aim to the reduction of the load of correspondence with our members, thus contributing to the environmental protection. In such effort of ours, we kindly ask from our members to renew in their details, the mode of communication and their updating by the Society (only via email or only by correspondence or both), by selecting the communication mode they prefer..

We will be pleased to receive any proposal for improvement which we will definitely try to set in place.


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