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WSAVA e-bulletin
News and education Available in English, español, 日本語 ,中文 http://email.vetstreamwebpartner.co.uk/h/r/5E676A160E646177
Journal of Small Animal Practice
WSAVA official veterinary journal Select articles and special issues available free to WSAVA members http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1748-5827/homepage/custom_copy.htm?campaign=wlytk-41429.395
Clinician’s Brief
Online continuing education publication http://www.wsava.org/publications/clinicians-brief https://www.sub-forms.com/dragon/init.do?site=BRM1_WSAVA
Timeless vet drug index
Mobile drug formulary application http://www.wsava.org/educational-partners/timeless-veterinary-systems https://vetdrugindex.com/signup/wsava/
Vetfolio Free/marked discount Online educational platform http://www.wsava.org/article/wsava-members-receive-free-or-marked-discounts-%E2%80%9Cvetfolio%E2%80%9D http://www.vetfolio.com/wsava
*Registration access code: WSAVA314
World Congress registration
Marked discount
Annual 4 days world congress held in various regions Next world congress is in Cartagena, Colombia
Dates: September 27-30, 2016
World Congress Proceedings
  Proceedings from presentations of all World Congresses Free access on www.wsava.org
World Congress webcast
Video recordings of all presentations at WSAVA World Congress Free to members and participants To be announced


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