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ESVO is proud to announce another webinar series. Last webinars were great and we received excellent feedback from our participants, that´s why we are back again. The new webinar is being held on June 22th, 2017 at 9.00 pm CET. The topic is POST-OP Complications. Speaker Prof. David A. Wilkie DVM, MS, DACVO.

Webinar description

Following successful cataract surgery, the surgeon must still be prepared to diagnose and manage postoperative hypertension, uveitis, enophthalmitis, toxic anterior segment syndrome, glaucoma, wound dehiscence, capsular fibrosis, KCS and retinal detachment to name just a few.

Webinar Registration

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All ESVO members can participate in the webinar free of charge. A 20 EUR fee applies for non-members.

Please note that the webinar is not CPD accredited.

Kind regards, The European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology

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